Property Searching

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Property Searching

Robust Filtering
Searching within logical or physical datasets is not a problem with CoreUCP.  Honing your queries to find very specific and associated source files gives you full control over your data.

RegEx Queries
Partial strings, multiple-partial word queries, anything you can do with a regular expression, you can utilize in your searches.  Save query lists for future use to save time and increase productivity.

“Smart” Searching
Proprietary algorithms and machine learning will take historical claims information to automatically provide data subsets of pre-filtered results.  Maximizing claims found while letting the machines do the work.

Big Data, Fast Performance
Whether you have one thousand or one billion unclaimed property records, our auto-scaling environment will scale up when you need it, automatically.

Customer Property Reporting

Drag n Drop
Results found from the primary property searches and be simply selected and drag/dropped into the customer property report, allowing your focus to be maintained on finding more properties.

Generated Queries
Automatically generate queries based on your entity list.  Our proprietary technology will provide multi-word arrangements and punctuation changes commonly found in source agency data.

Saved Queries
Queries written for entities can be saved for future use and/or to be run all at once.  You just write your list of keywords naturally and the system automatically saves them for you.

Keep track of the total count of your organization or customer property counts and amount totals in real time.  You simply search and find your properties, add them to the property report, and the system keeps track of all totals.

Report Assignment
Property report routing status’ and employee assignment is flexible and easy with CoreUCP.  Notifications upon assignment is option as a tool to allow multi-location fluidity in your workflow.

In line with our ‘export-everything’ mantra, export properties found for further analysis in any external system that accepts a .csv-style spreadsheet, providing you ultimate flexibility.

Duplicate Detection
Proprietary duplicate detection algorithms in both the import process and property reporting phase allows you to import years of data into the system without worrying about finding already-claimed properties.

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