Claims Management

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Claims Management

Powerful regular expression-based keyword search, with robust date-range and attribute level filtering options puts the data you need in view.  Mass-update claims, column-edit, and sorting gives you full control over your claims.

Claim Attribution
Customize catalogs to match your organizations status’, value types, approval codes, and more, then search based on these customized values.  You’re in control.

Property Reports
Convert properties found from the source data into claims, keeping your organizations claims organized and removed from the source dataset.

Claims Import
Flexible field mapping and column overrides provide you quick and easy importing of claims found from external data sources like missing money and state websites.

Claims Exporting
CoreUCP has an ‘export-everything’ philosophy, where you have control over your data.  If you want to backup your data or do further analysis, you can export any or all claims you wish.

Customer Management

Customer Profile
Keep track of your organization or customer’s profile information, including primary contact, account rep, Tax ID, timezone and address information to ensure a organized management.

Account representatives can make notes for each customer to keep track of customer specific preferences to ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Manage all customer contact information to ensure seamless communication with the appropriate people.  It’s a CRM for your account representatives.

Fully managed, permission-based legal entity management for your customer service reps.  Legal entities are used in the proprietary smart search technology for property searches.

Customer Exporting
Our ‘export-everything’ philosophy is true with customer data as well.  Export all customers’ information to a spreadsheet for use with other systems.

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