Data Importing

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Data Importing

Multi-File Simultaneous Uploads/Imports
Simply drag your files into the system and the system will scale according to the demand, while you continue working.  Once the file fields are mapped, import as many simultaneously as you please.

Duplicate Detection/Management
Have no fear of importing duplicate files or files that exist for past years with overlapping data.  Our proprietary duplication algorithms will protect the integrity of your data by skipping records that already exist.

Data/Address Normalization & Previews
High quality searching depends on the cleanliness of the data you are searching.  Our system normalizes addresses and names for each record automatically, while preserving the original data.

Multi-Format Support
The most common tabular data program extensions, like .csv, .xlsx, and more, are fully supported.  Corrupt data symbol correction is built-in to the uploading logic ensuring the data is at least as clean as you loaded.

Custom Field/Column Mapping
Any spreadsheet with any column order is supported thanks to our proprietary column-to-field mapping feature.  Map the fields you need, don’t map the ones you don’t. Column value overrides are also possible with CoreUCP.

Environment & Scalability

Auto-Scaling Systems
Running large entity list queries or importing hundreds of files at the same time, our systems will automatically detect the load and scale to handle it gracefully behind the scenes.  When demand reduces, the environment does as well.

Data Retracement & Auditing
Accessible log files and activity auditing provides insights through the entire process, from uploading data, to claims processing.  Trace issues back to users, dates, times, and specific business rules. Transparency allows you the ability to troubleshoot on your own.

Elura Integration
In the same area where you upload and manage your own data, we have integrated with Ethereum Blockchain based data provider, Elura.  You can supplement your data needs from the largest crowdsourced unclaimed property service on the internet.

Amazon AWS S3 Storage Integration
Each customer is provided their own Amazon S3 bucket for file storage, dataset mapping files, and all the files necessary to rebuild your entire core dataset at any time.

Unlimited Storage
The fully managed environment provided as a part of your subscription will scale to handle any amount of unclaimed property data that you can throw at it.

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