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Role-Based User Management
Security and responsibility delegation are made easy with our administration features.  Manage external customers and internal employee roles with a few clicks.

Customer Assignment
For larger organizations and asset recovery firms, we provide the ability to assign specific customers to customer service representatives, allowing them to only see the customers they work with.

Agency Management
Create agency profiles, assign unique agency codes, as well as the associated agency types (state, bankruptcy, counties, cities, etc).

Custom Catalog Management
Customize data attributes to fit your organization’s jargon, such as status’, types of data you import and manage, approval codes, and more.

Activity Auditing
Retrace system activity, user actions, and data management activities through our auditing and logging features for a truly self-service experience.

System Notifications
Email notifications and task status reporting enable users to be notified when property reports as assigned to them as well as when long running queries have completed.

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