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Colorado Springs based technology solution providers


We are rooted in custom business application development, with specialization in data management, application integration, and cybersecurity. As proud UPPO members who have worked in the unclaimed property industry since 2013, we have created the preeminent fully managed asset recovery management system in the industry. Our goal in developing this technology is to help corporations and asset recovery companies find and claim all of their unclaimed property.

Our team is constantly working to provide additional tools and services to the unclaimed property industry. As the creators of the Ethereum blockchain data service, Elura, and providing our proprietary ‘xParse’ technology as a service, we will continue to make public our proprietary technologies to help organizations achieve their highest goals.

Janisko LLC

Strategic initiative consultants, working as an extension to companies, helping to navigate big change.

Rendered Source

A global custom software development consulting firm, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Elura is an Ethereum Blockchain-based unclaimed property data provider, directly integrated with CoreUCP.

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    • 1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Suite 111,
    • Colorado Springs, CO, 80920
    • info@coreucp.com
    • 719-422-4700
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